In this untold triumph of the spirit story, Leon Claxton and his brown-skin troupe break barriers and perform for ‘whites only’ audiences, enduring racism, segregation and immigration laws in a competition to win the hearts of America's changing pop culture. But, with social revolutions in the U.S. and Cuba, and a startling family secret, what would be the fate of Harlem in Havana, one of the greatest variety shows of our time?
Step Right Up, Folks! See the brown-skin showgirls! JIG SHOW | Leon Claxton's Harlem in Havana is a feature documentary film by Leslie Cunningham who takes viewers on a tour of one of America’s most successful traveling shows that birthed music icons, broke carnival records and significantly influenced Black and Latin entertainment during the Jim Crow era. Also unearthed is the legend of African American showman Leon Claxton, a world-renowned impresario whose vision, passion and determination produced a multicultural stage show that still resonates with wonder today. Through hip hop, spoken word poetry, visual art and live performances, Leslie is on a mission to reclaim and celebrate her grandfather's lost legacy, and insert it into the narrative of the history of American entertainment before the memories die with a generation.
JIG SHOW features breathtaking show photographs, rarely seen historical clips, and on-camera interviews with a colorful cast of characters who witnessed the spectacle. Classic and new music remember the voluptuous showgirls and tenacious entertainers of color who bravely showcased their talents on the front-line of racial polarization and left an indelible mark on the history of entertainment around the globe. Visit