Brown-skin showgirls, whites-only audiences, and meet the brave African American showman who pioneered Black entertainment, and left an extraordinary legacy despite the insurmountable odds against him and his dreams. (2022)

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Cast & Clips

The Cast:
  • Shirley Bates-Johnson (Former lead dancer)
  • Bebe Bardeaux (Burlesque dancer and historian) 
  • Leslie Cunningham (Filmmaker, granddaughter of Leon Claxton)
  • John Cunningham (Musician, son of Leon Claxton, past patron)
  • Dr. Susan Greenbaum (Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at USF)
  • John Myers (Blues vocalist /Five Pennies)
  • Carol Lawyton (Former dancer, past patron)
  • Doc Rivera (Carnival historian, Past patron)
  • Dr. Cheryl Rodriquez (Director of Black Life at USF, past patron)
  • Laura Sedlmayr (Royal American Shows, past patron) 
  • Charles Smith (Past patron) 
  • Andrea Woods-Valdés (Associate Professor of Dance at Duke) 
  • Rocky Wynder (Former musician) 

Film Clips: