Work-in-Progress Screenings Only 


Friday, September 22, 2017 - The Center for Documentary Studies and the Southern Documentary Fund are pleased to present a free screening of JIG SHOW | Leon Claxton’s Harlem in Havana, a feature documentary film by Leslie Cunningham who takes viewers on a tour of her grandfather’s Black and Cuban traveling show that endures racism, segregation and immigration laws to become popular in the 1940s through the 1960s.  Also unearthed is the legend of African American carnival king, Leon Claxton, arguably one of the fathers of modern American entertainment, who leaves an extraordinary legacy despite the insurmountable odds against him and his dreams. Friday, September 22nd @ 7 pm. Full Frame Theater. American Tobacco Campus. Blackwell St. Durham, North Carolina 27701. Learn more. 

Saturday, July 29, 2017- Capitol Dance & Cinema Festival's feature film series continues Saturday, July 29 @ Dance Exchange with a work-in-progress screening of the coming documentary film JIG SHOW | Leon Claxton's Harlem in Havana by filmmaker Leslie Cunningham. 7:00pm. The event is hosted by Jen Ray of DancinemaBrown Skin Showgirls Books Available for Purchase! Free Admission! Dance Exchange, 7117 Maple Avenue, Takoma Park, Maryland. 


August 25-28 2016 - A special work-in-progress screening will be held at the Cascadia Dance and Cinema Festival in Vancouver, BC, August 26, 2017.  Visit Cascadia Dance Festival to learn more.

November 2 and 13th, 2015 - JIG SHOW | Leon Claxton's Harlem in Havana has recently been accepted into the Cucalorus Film Festival work in Progress Program. Cucalorus is a non-competitive festival focused on supporting innovative artists and encouraging creative exchange. The festival is held each November in historic downtown Wilmington, North Carolina with screenings of 150 films from around the world. The Works-in-Progress program is a partnership between Alternate ROOTS, Working Films, the Southern Documentary Fund and is funded in part by the North Carolina Arts Council and Alternate ROOTS. Visit Cucalorus Film Festival to learn more.
  • Community Feedback Screenings (November 2-8, 2015) 
  • Cucalorus Film Festival Work in Progress Screening: Friday, November 13, 2015, 10:45 AM, Jengo's Playhouse